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Astoria!!! Here we come.

We have expanded our Range of Delivery area as requested by many Astorian. Limit at 30 Avenue and Stienway & 50 Street. So More can enjoy. :)


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Tofu lovers...

We get our fresh medium firm tofu directly from Tofu Factory every morning. So you can enjoy your add-on in to your favorite dishes. We never pre-fried or pre-steamed pior your order. They are prepared as the moment you order. It takes a little longer but it is surely delicious.. :)







Crispy pork Pad Thai Flat noodle

If your favorite dish is Pad Thai, you will love Pad Thai Flat noodle. We love with crispy pork and it is very popular at the moment.

Opps! We will get Deals up ASAP. Thanks

Fried vegetable springrolls are made with cabbage, black mushroom, glass noodle, carrot, chive and bean sprout. Mixtures are then seasonned and cook in a large pan. Each vegetable stuffing is wrapped in springroll skin. But please remember springroll skin is made from wheat flour.


NY steak basil
$12.95  Spicy

Enjoy Superior Angus NY steak topped with Broccoli, onion, sweet pepper, fresh garlic and chili in basil sauce, served with steamed jasmine rice or brown rice.